What’s up ya’ll! my name is Kahlil (pronounced Ka-Hill) my friends call me K. I’ve been cutting hair for 20 years. It all started when one day my mom cut my hair and i didnt like it so I asked her “can I use the clippers to cut my own hair?”

One day at school my friends asked “who cut my hair” I told them I did it. They where surprised and asked if I could cut their hair and the rest is history. Since then I’ve gone to school and gotten my barbers certificate, I specialize in Master Barbering, there isn’t a hair style I can’t do: Bigen, fades, tapers, flat tops, afros, mohawks and more. You name it and I’ve got you covered.

I can promise after your hair cut is finish you’ll have experienced great customer service, a comfortable shop, good conversation and a hair cut that will leave you wanting to come back. I hope you to see you in the shop sometime soon.

God Bless you.

~ K

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