Fernando The Barber


My name is Fernando Sabino and I have been cutting hair for two years now.

When it comes to hair I specialize in traditional haircuts like long hair on the top and a short length on the sides. My favorite haircut to do is a side part or pompadour with a tight fade on the sides. I stay up to date with the trending styles and I can do any style that you request.

I enrolled into Barber college straight out of High School not knowing how far I can go in Barbering and not knowing that it is more than just cutting hair. I started Barber college when I was 18 and graduated at the age of 19. Many people tell me I am lucky to pursue my dreams at a young age and enjoy what I do. I am the first in my family to be a Barber.

I can promise that after I’m done with your haircut It is going to be exactly what you asked for and I will make you look your best and have a good barbershop experience. see you soon and I will be more than happy to do your haircut.

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kcutzFernando The Barber