David Gifted Handz

Hi my name David Annius aka David Gifted Handz and I have been cutting hair for 4 years now.I specialize mostly in fade such as bald fade, temp fade, burst fade, Mohawks, combover, faux hawks and more. I like to do designs, the feeling of creating something unique in someone hair is exciting.

I was living in Okinawa Japan and my ex wife went to get her haircut by a retired Army First Sergeant named Patrick. He kept bugging me about teaching me how to cut. So one day i went in for a cut and he brought it up and i said I would think about it. That following Monday while at work i was telling my Gunny about the guy because he is a great barber, we was talking and i brought up the fact that he wanted to teach me how to cut. My Gunny told me that he would rather pay me $20 to cut his hair then the other guy. So i said why not and who would have known that I would find my passion. 

What I gaurentee with a cut from me is a cut that will have you looking at yourself in a whole new light. A positive, friendly and mostly motivating experience. I always put my best cut out for two reasons first i want my client to love their haircut if my client is happy i am happy  and second my client is my walking billboard.